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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breast size is an admirable fashion!

Breasts are a pair of beautiful organs of a woman which are vital in motherly function. They are significant in secreting the vital food for the new born baby. The motherly breasts or breasts in lactation last only for a few months. The feminine breasts play the delightful role of expressing her beauty and fashion throughout her life journey. Will the size play as a fashion statement in the modern world?


Right from the days when the little girl passes out of her childhood, she starts looking at her chest becoming sign of significance. They are just two mounds of flesh, but they get a lot of attention.

Breasts initiate as buds, and grow to indicate that she is entering into a new phase of life called woman hood. The breast size gets growing slowly from the age between 8 and 13; certain changes take place on the surface. The pointed breast with button like nipple grows with a circle of brown space called areola. The breast size gets swollen to become rounder and fuller in appearance.

The innocent girl too feels herself beautiful and fashionable with normal grown up mounts covered by soft blouses.


The breast is small and grows into medium and larger as you grow in age. For some girls, the breast size remains too small and makes them unhappy. Girls with larger breasts worry as they don’t want too much of attention from the passerby. They get ashamed. The breast size depends on factors like heredity, nutrition and environment. There are all sorts of breast sizes and shapes in the world, and all are beautiful.

The optimum sized breasts are more beautiful and suitable for fashionable adornments.


When girls grow older, the beauty of breast also grows. They take care of this beautiful structure and support them for looking nice at their places of work and visits. Foremost thing is fitting a correct sized bra to enhance the beauty. Only when they find deficiency in breast size they go in for different kinds of supports. Some go for breast enhancement and growth supplements.

These brassiere supports and breast enhancements are the most desired way to enhance the beauty of a fashion rich woman.


A good breast size gives the woman the pride of possession and power to pull the manhood and helps to remain in an elevated mood amidst women and men in a crowded function.

Breasts demonstrate pride, power and fashion in a woman. Of course, they need to be supported by a tight fitting bra and blouse.

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